Wiki God of War PS4 : can Kratos’ hair or beard be changed ?


God of War offers players a great adventure that takes place in northern mythology putting aside Greek mythology. The main protagonist is always Kratos except that he is with his son Atreus. An adventure developed by Santa Monica Studio who imagined the game as a new start for the series.

If you are currently playing the new God of War on your PS4, you have probably noticed the RPG aspects of the game, but also the equipment customization system carried by Kratos and Atreus. Equipment that can be bought in the game’s workshops and even improved… In this sense, you might wonder if character customization goes even further in the game… Is it possible, for example, to change Kratos’ hairstyle or beard ? 

To our knowledge, the game God of War does not incorporate any system to change the appearance of Kratos or Atreus. you can only modify the parts of their equipment and improve the bow of Atreus or the Leviathan axe of Kratos. In a sense, it seems logical that Santa Monica Studio did not include such a function in the last God of War, Kratos would immediately lose charisma and trust in his position as god. This would create an imbalance between the game world and the protagonists and the mission they have set for themselves.

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