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Guide God of War where to find all the runic summons for Atreus


On your journey through the lands of Midgard and the other realms of God of War, you will at some moment unlock a special ability for Atreus to invoke spectral entities. 

It is called the runic summons in the game, there are several to find, they allow for the majority to inflict damage to the enemies, to stun them and one invocation will allow it to unearth items in the ground like healing jars.

There are a total of 6 spectral summons, if you want to know all their locations, you will find the list of Atreus invocations in a table below.

God of War : list and location of all runic summons for Atreus :


Name of the runic summon Description and effect of the invocation Location of the runic attack
Runic Summon Wrath of the Wolf Invokes a spectral wolf that throws itself at the enemy three times to inflict damage and dizziness. Upgrade the rune to summon two more wolves. You get it automatically when you pass through the kingdom of Alfheim after your fight against the black elf Svartaljofurr.
Runic Summon Falcons’ Dive Invokes a group of spectral Falcons’ that strike the enemy to inflict magical damage and stunning. Improve the invocation to release two more falcons. An summon that you will get in a legendary chest in the Midgard Mountain area.
Runic Summon Storm of the Elks Invokes a spectral deer that throws destructive energy discharges in its path, offering good runic damage. By improving the invocation, you will extend the duration and range of the deer energy. You will get it in a chest in the Midgard River pass area, more precisely in the witch’s yard where there is the sand puzzle.
Summon Bitter Squirrel Invokes the spectral squirrel Ratatoskr who digs up consumable items for Kratos. You will be able to obtain jars of health or rage. By improving the invocation, you can unearth several items at once. You will get the summon in the Midgard area in a legendary chest that is at Light Elf Outpost.
Runic Summon Boar Stampede Invokes a rush of spectral wild boars that trample the enemy in their path. Offers a good compromise between physical damage, runic and dizziness. Upgrade the rune to summon up to two additional boars. In Thamur’s Corpse in Midgard, you will get it by beating the troll Stonebeard King in the ice cave.
Runic Summon Murdre of Crows Summon a flight of crows that attack the enemy that inflicts physical damage. You can considerably extend the duration and summon a total of 12 crows by improving the summon. You’ll get it in the witch Freya’s cave in the area of the river. You’ll need the blades of chaos to access the vault.

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