Mario Kart Tour has just been released, the game doesn’t work (support code 806-1415)


Victim of its success or maintenance of the servers still in progress? Nintendo’s new mobile game « Mario Kart Tour » has just been released and the servers already seem crowded, according to the message that appears when the game starts on iOS and Android. A large number of players seem to connect to the servers at the same time, causing server failure. It remains to be determined whether it is better to wait in front of the message indicating the server overload or to press the message indicating to return to the title screen in a loop. Anyway, the servers of Mario Kart Tour seem to be paralyzing, a launch that may be difficult. Nintendo teams may have misjudged fan expectations with Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android?

The servers are experiencing heavy traffic. You log-in request will be processed in the ordre it was received. Support code 806-1415

If you have this message, you don’t have to wait on this screen. As it stands, your request will never be processed and you will remain in a queue. We recommend that you try to reconnect at another time of the day, at least until things settle down or Nintendo teams set up a temporary solution to be able to join the Mario Kart Tour servers that are currently down.


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