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Guide Devil May Cry 5 how to easily and quickly get red orbs (crystallized demon blood)


In Devil May Cry 5, you will need to collect many crystallized demon blood / red orbs to unlock new skills for your characters or unlock additional equipment. If you are looking for a technique that will allow you to obtain it infinitely and without any difficulty, we have what you need! 

Indeed, in just 5 minutes you can get several hundred thousand red orbs. Knowing that to get all the skills in the game, you will need about 12 million red orbs. This makes about 4 million crystallized demon blood per character… This method will be very useful for you to unlock everything in the game.

How to easily obtain red orbs in DmC 5 (farming technique) :

To practice this method of farming, you will need to have made enough progress in the main adventure to be able to launch mission 13. In this mission, you will unlock Dr. Faust’s weapon, which is a disposable hat, it is thanks to this weapon and the character Dante that you will be able to farm thousands of red orbs quickly. To maximize your earnings, you will need some preparation and in particular to unlock some of Dr. Faust’s skills.

  • Unlock the Hat Trick skill
  • Unlock the Dr. Faust 2 skill
  • Unlock the Dr. Faust 3 skill
  • Unlock the Dr. Faust 4 skill (if possible)

The Hat Trick skill will allow you to inflict damage on all affected enemies while absorbing the red orbs around Dante. Dr. Faust skills 2 to 4 will allow you to reveal more crystallized demon blood when using the Dr. Faust hat. We recommend that you unlock at least level 2 and unlock levels 3 and 4 immediately after you have obtained your first red orbs using this technique. Now that you’re ready, here’s what you need to do!

  1. Launch Mission 13 with Dante
  2. Go through the mission until you reach the last checkpoint
  3. Equip Dr. Faust’s weapon (the hat)
  4. Disable automatic assistance in game options
  5. Jump into a hole near the statue of the goddess
  6. You will arrive at the level of 4 demon nests that appear several groups of enemies
  7. Get into Gunslinger (D-Pad / left directional cross)
  8. Hold R1/RB and spam the round / B  button to hit the enemies around you
  9. Collect the orbs!

Never destroy the nests or the monsters will stop appearing. When you lose health points, simply activate your transformation to regain health. Repeat the operation until the enemies almost disappear. Then, pause the game and restart the last checkpoint. You will keep your red orbs and you can repeat the operation over and over again until you get crystallized demon blood / red orbs over again.


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