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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey how to make arrows and unlock other types of arrows


In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you can also use a warrior weapon and equip yourself with a hunter’s bow. This type of weapon will be a valuable asset in maintaining a certain distance from opponents with deadly attacks (snakes) or too high a level. The bow is also very practical for infiltration and discretion since some of these damage multiplying skills can defeat an opponent in a single arrow in the head. 

The advantage when you handle a bow while hiding in a bush or tall grass, you remain totally invisible to the eyes of the guards around you, even if you get up to aim at what surrounds you in the area. Moreover, the bow is also useful to mark enemies when you can’t use the Ikaros eagle like in caves for example.

At the beginning of the game you will start with a stock of 40 arrows and with ordinary arrows, simple arrows made of olive wood and iron. But you can unlock others, more powerful and elementary ones and of course you can make them at will as long as you have the right materials with you. We tell you everything you need to know about it!

Unlock all types of bow arrows in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey :

First of all, to get new types of arrows you must spend one skill point in the hunter’s skill tree to activate the « arrow master » skill. 

It allows you to unlock special arrows in your quiver accessible from the inventory. This hunter skill is available from level 5 and can progress by three levels, the last level will be accessible from level 16.

  • At skill level 1, you will get the paralyzing arrows, which are useful for recruiting new special lieutenants for the Alexios or Kassandra boat. Indeed, these non-lethal arrows stun your opponents instead of killing them.
  • At level 2 of this skill, you unlock the fire and poison arrows that will wreak havoc if you activate the « Poison mastery » and « Fire mastery » skills of the warrior’s skills at the same time.
  • At skill level 3, you get explosive arrows that produce area damage and become absolutely deadly and devastating if you also activate the « Spread Shot » skill in the hunter’s skill tree.

How to craft arrows in AC Odyssey :

It’s very simple, in your inventory menu, select the quiver and choose the type of arrow to create. You will need several materials to make arrows and mainly wood that you will find all over the regions of ancient Greece. Here are the types of arrows and the manufacturing cost.


→ Basic arrows :

You can craft these arrows at the beginnings of the game with only olive woods.

→ Paralyzing arrows :

They are made with two pieces of olive wood and a soft leather. These arrows knock out enemies instead of killing them. Practice for recruiting special lieutenants.

→ Poison arrows :

They are made with three pieces of olive wood and three soft leathers. These toxic arrows are used to inflict poison on enemies. They also produce a special effect that reduces your target’s attack and also his armor !

→ Fire arrows :

They are made from three pieces of olive wood and three pieces of iron metal. These arrows are used to inflict incendiary effects on enemies, causing them to suffer prolonged fire damage. 

→ Explosive arrows :

They are made with five pieces of olive wood, two pieces of iron metal and two soft leathers. These arrows allow you to hit several enemies in the same area while inflicting prolonged burn damage.

→ Death arrows :

The latter type of arrows is only obtained after starting a specific quest. You must have undertaken the quest for the daughters of Artemis that begins at the Temple of Artemis in the sacred lands of Apollo in the Phokis region. The daughters of Artemis will teach you how to make deadly arrows after killing two legendary animals. You can make these arrows with six olive woods, six pieces of iron and four soft leathers. These arrows inflict 100% more damage than ordinary arrows.


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