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How does Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Crossplay work ?


Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Cross Play was quickly confirmed shortly after the game was announced. For the first time, it will be possible to play Call of Duty with friends who play on a platform other than ours… Suppose you play on PS4, you can easily play with a friend who is on Xbox One and of course it also concerns PC players. 

Well, with one exception! We explained to you a few months ago that Crossplay (multi-platform game) for PS4 / Xbox One / PC players on Call of Duty Modern Warfare would only be possible on one condition, that the players be on an equal level. The info is now confirmed as the Infinity Ward teams have said a little more about it.

How to play Cross Play between PC / PS4 and Xbox One players on Call of Duty Modern Warfare ?

The operation is simple and has been set up so as not to disadvantage any category of players. If you are a keyboard and mouse player, you will only be able to play with other players who use the keyboard and mouse. 

If you are a « controller » player, you will be associated with other « controller » players (PC, PS4, Xbox One), but you have the possibility to choose in the game menus to be associated with all types of Call of Duty Modern Warfare players including those who play keyboard and mouse while you have the GamePad in your hands. 

A security system implemented by Infinity Ward teams prevents players from changing devices during the game. If you play the controller, you cannot suddenly switch to the keyboard / mouse and vice versa according to the instructions of the development team.

If you have a friend playing on a PC, you must agree to play against keyboard/mouse players yourself or your friend must play with the controller so that you are in the same room.


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