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Tips Zelda Breath Of The Wild Where to Find The Zant’s Helmet


With the expension The Chapoin’s Ballad, Nintendo teams have added The Zant’s Helmet to Zelda Breath of the Wild, which you can get by completing the EX side quest treasure « Usurper King ». You will find on this page details allowing you to easily get your hands on Zant’s Helmet and fulfill the EX objective of the « Usurper King ».

The ruthless Usurper King of the Twilight Realm wore a helmet much like this one… It’s a rather rare item who offer at Link the resistance Unfreezable.

Where is The Zant’s Helmet in Zelda Breath of the Wild :

To get your hands on it, teleport yourself to the Dueling Peaks Tower and open your Paraglider south to reach the Jia Highlands and Tobio Hollow. Here you will find a small swampy area where you can find the EX chest, which is to be dug out between two trees using your rune magnetis (see screenshots below).

By opening the chest you will get The Zant’s Helmet and complete the objective of the EX side quest treasure « Usurper King ». All you have to do is equip Link with The Zant’s Helmet to enjoy your new power !


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