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Borderlands 2 how to download the new DLC Lilith and the fight for Sanctuary


A brand new free DLC is available for Borderlands 2. This final extension makes it possible to make the script link with the events taking place some time before Borderlands 3, which will arrive in September this year. This extension is also an opportunity for players and fans of the license to increase the level of their hunters even more since the maximum level is now set at 80. There are also new areas to cover, new bosses and even a new rarity of weapons. Something to keep you occupied until the launch of the next Borderlands.

If the announcement was not clear enough and you do not know how to access this new content, we explain below how to proceed.

How to download the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC :

First of all, make sure you have a copy of Borderlands 2 on Steam or Borderlands The Handsome Collection on PS4 or Xbox One. If it’s OK on your side, do an update check, the game should apply a first patch and then go to the store of your support and download in the extensions the DLC Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary which weighs 2 or 3 gigas.

Once installed, all you have to do is visit the brand new « Fight for Sanctuary » site, which you can find from any of the game’s fast travel stations. 

Be careful, if you are a new Borderlands player, we strongly advise you to finish the main plot before embarking on this new quest which will certainly contain « spoil » on previous events. Similarly, make sure you arrive with a character who is at least at level 30… Gearbox teams have added a little cheat to increase your character’s level to 30 quickly in case you want to skip the steps.

★ Note – PS4 players who own the disk version of Borderlands The Handsome Collection apparently have problems installing the new Borderlands 2 DLC. Indeed, when you go to the extensions of the Playstation Store, it is reported as unavailable and if you click on it it indicates that you must have Borderlands The Handsome Collection in order to download the content. This must be a bug that we hope will be fixed as soon as possible….

★ Note 2 – According to the PlayStation store page, this DLC will not be free forever since it is apparently offered until July 8, 2019. The « Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary » page clearly indicates that this is a limited time promotional offer. So remember to download the latest extension of Borderlands 2 before that date.

★ Note 3 – For those who can’t download the extension on PS4 and play with a disk version. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, add the game to your library (the Handsome collection which is free this month) and you can then download the extension. If it doesn’t work after installation, go to your game in the ps4 menu and go down to the bottom to see your extensions. Click again on the download icon and this time it should work!

Solution – For ps4 players, make sure you have installed the 6.71 system update for your console, otherwise Borderlands Handsome Collection will not detect the presence of the files needed to launch the DLC even after downloading and installing. 


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