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Kingdom Come Deliverance Tips And Tricks To Be A True Knight Of The Medieval Era !


In Kingdom Come Deliverance, your are set in a totally medieval universe. More than just a simple video game, the new title of the Warhorse studio puts players in a huge simulation of what life could be like at the time when knights and grime reigned supreme. By taking your first steps in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you are sure to be completely confused ! Firstly because of the gameplay mechanics and two because elves and dragons only exist in fairy tales.

But don’t panic, after spending a few hours in Kingdom Come Deliverance Kingdom, you will understand the purpose of your journey and the good rules of practice.

Keep in mind that you’re in a life simulation, so yes there are swords, bows, soldiers to kill and a script goal, but always keep in mind that your actions are not without consequence. In real life there are rules that make it possible to maintain a minimum of order in the world, in Kingdom Come Deliverance it’s the same thing, some things are allowed and others not !

And to help you do just that, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that will make it easy for you to travel the world of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

The best tips from Kingdom Come Deliverance :

→ 1 – Learn dress codes :

The first important thing to take into account in this game is your clothing look that has a direct impact on the characters around you. Always consider a character’s social class before starting a discussion with them. You may end a dialogue or obtain incorrect information because of inappropriate clothing. Also, remember to take a bath and clean your clothes before starting dialogues. Walking around with blood on his clothes is never a good idea.

→ 2 – Train with Captain Bernard it’s free :

Bernard is the captain of Rattay’s guard, you can find him at the training ground on the side of the town. Training with him will increase your ability to handle weapons. In addition, you will be able to unlock combos by training with him and he will even give you some hints that will allow you to better understand the combat system when fighting with Cumans.

→ 3 – Hunting is illegal, but it’s also profitable :

Hunting is totally illegal, walk around with rabbit or other remains in your bag and you will have problems with the guards. But a little trick is to cook the meat directly in the campfire to make it legal. With cooked meat, you can cross guards without any problem! If you don’t know where to cook your meat, you can go to the Miller Peshek or you will find what you need to cook the remains of your recent hunts.

Better yet, hunting is a great way to get rich in Kingdom Come Deliverance. You will be able to sell your cooked meats to the millers or the blacksmith of Rattay who has a pretty purse of 600 groschen. Better yet, trade with Zora, Neuhof’s horse trader, to get more expensive items for your horse.

Be careful though, the meat loses value the more it degrades. So don’t delay shopping!

→ 4 – Have a NPC accidentally killed reappear :

Well, when you got into the game you may have thought of a medieval version of GTA 5 and started to kill some NPCs… Bad plan, especially if you killed someone important in the game. In this case, serve a 10-day prison sentence to revive all NPCs who died.

→ 5 – Drop bird nests and dig up graves :

All right, these are not acts of citizenship, but you can retrieve objects by dropping bird nests you encounter with your bow and arrow and even dig up graves with a spade to find objects… Who knows what you might fall on?

We’ll add more tips as we discover interesting things, feel free to comment on your tips to get you out of the Kingdom Come Deliverance universe.


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