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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice how to defeat the Shichimen Warrior


As you walk through the Abandoned Dungeon area of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you will meet a powerful opponent, the Shichimen Warrior, who can kill you in just a few seconds if he inflicts the state of terror alteration on you. And the first time you try to face it, you will certainly not escape it, you can be sure of that. The problem is that you will feel like you can’t beat him and your weapons will all be ineffective against him…. 

But… We have exactly what you need to kick this Shichimen warrior’s ass without any difficulty ! Really, follow our instructions below and you will send this demon straight back to hell (and his buddies, yes the Shichimen Warrior is located in several places of the game). In short! Get ready, in a few minutes you can take your revenge on this bad demon and be able to beat him correctly.

What is the weak point of the Shichimen Warrior in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (how to beat him) ?

The Shichimen warrior is highly sensitive to Divine Confetti. These confetti allow you to add a divine blessing to your sword. Apply it to your weapon just before the fight and you will only have to carry out a series of sword attacks on it without respite. You’ll see that his life points will drop very, very quickly! You must inflict two deadly blows on him to drain all his life points. Halfway through the fight, he will teleport and send you a large ray that inflicts the alteration terror, still remain on your guard. You can use a Fearlessness Powder to reduce terror if you have it on you or use the Mottled Purple Gourd (buy from the merchant Exiled Memorial at the entrance of the Mibu village) which automatically recharges when you rest at the sculptor’s idol.

If you are looking for divine confetti, we advise you to search the different areas of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you will sometimes find them in corners. Alternatively, you can also use a Mibu Possession Balloon that increases the loot rate and activate the bell that makes the game harder for more loot and go beat the soldiers in blue clothes at Ashina Castle in the area of the upper tower – Antechamber.

★ Note – If you don’t know how to increase Sekiro’s difficulty to get more loot, we invite you to consult our mini-guide which will explain everything about the cursed bell here : Sekiro Shadows Die Twice how to change the difficulty of the game.

However, this method of farming will be long and boring. If it discourages you from getting divine confetti from this method, know that you will get in one of the last areas of the game necessarily an item that will allow you to buy from any Sekiro Shadows Die Twice seller divine confetti for only 300 Sen (the game money). So if you want to beat the warrior Shichimen without any difficulty use divine confetti, you will see, with that the boss will be very easy and you can move on to the next challenge !


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