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Guide Sekiro Shadows Die Twice where all Shinobi prosthetic tools are located


In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice you can add all kinds of prosthetic tools to the artificial arm of your Shinobi by visiting the Sculptor located as dilapidated temple. Two methods to get there, by selecting the « travel » option from another idol or by using the Homeward Idol that must be in your inventory. This item is unlimited, so you can use it at any time to go back to the sculptor.

If you are looking for weapons other than the basic sword offered to you by Lord Kuro at the beginning of the adventure, you will have to go in search of these famous Shinobi prosthesis tools… If you don’t know where to find them, you are just right, because you will find below the location of each prosthesis in the game that you can add to your artificial arm by presenting your prosthesis to the sculptor and choosing the option « create prosthetic tools« . These tools are varied and will be essential to your survival, don’t ignore them! At a certain point in the adventure, you can make modifications and improvements to your prosthetic tools by spending Sen (the currency of the game) as well as various materials that you can find by traversing the different areas of Sekiro. 

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice list and location of Shinobi prosthetic tools :

Remember that from your inventory, you can equip up to three tools at a time and that you can change your shinobi tool at any time by pausing the game even during a confrontation to change your strategy. You will probably end up having your favorites that you will use on all occasions, but take the time to try them all, they all have a use depending on the situation you are facing.

→ Shuriken wheel / Shuriken loaded :

You will get your first prosthesis tool in the Ashina’s outskirts zone at the idol of the outskirts wall – Gate Path. Just in front of the idol is a building, the top window is destroyed… Enter through the window and you will get the Shuriken Wheel tool that you can adapt in the loaded Shuriken with the Sculptor.

→ Shinobi axe of the monkey / loaded axe :

To find the monkey shinobi axe, you must have access to the optional area of the Hirata estate. From the idol of the estate’s path, cross the long corridor by eliminating the four guards in your path. Further on, you will find two entrances… One on the left with slayer hens and one on the right (the one we are interested in here) with two guards you can spy on… Eliminate them and open the door of the small shed where you can find the Shinobi axe of the monkey that you can turn into a loaded axe.

→ Flame Barrel / Flame Vent :

Still in the Hirata Estate and still from the estate path, jump immediately over the roofs on the right starting from the sculptor’s idol. You’ll see smoke, that’s where you have to go. There is a group of enemies around a fire. Eliminate them and interact with this fire, you will find inside the « flame barrel » prosthesis to be adapted for flame vent with the sculptor.

→ Mist raven’s feathers / Mist raven :

Still in the Hirata Estate zone, start from the idol of the bamboo thicket Slope and jump into the water towards the bridge and swim to the shore where there are bamboos. There is the entrance to a hidden cave. At the end of the cave, jump between the walls of the two walls to go up to the top. On your way to the three-level pagoda, you will meet a purple ninja who will try to murder you… Kill him and go to the building at the top of the stairs to get the shinobi tool « Mist raven’s feathers » that you can adapt into a mist raven by talking with the sculptor at the dilapidated temple.

→ Gyoubu’s broken horn / Loaded spear :

This name certainly brings back bad memories… Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa… If you remember, you faced it! You can get his spear and adapt it as a shinobi tool. You will need a key to find this tool. The key is at Ashina Castle. From the idol of Ashina Castle, on the bridge where the old woman is. Grab on the other side with your grapple and you will see two soldiers in the middle of a conversation that you can spy on. 

One of them has the key, you just have to eliminate it to get it back, it is the gatehouse key that opens the samurai guard room located in the Ashina reservoir. After taking the key from the guard, go to Ashina’s reservoir and open this famous room with the gatehouse key, you can’t miss the house once you get to Ashina’s reservoir. You will therefore obtain the Gyoubu’s broken horn which you can adapt with a loaded lance from the sculptor of Sekiro.

→ Robert’s firecrackers / Shinobi firecracker :

After beating Gyoubu Masataka, you will have access to the idol of the gate of Ashina Castle. Instead of heading towards the castle, take the opposite path and cross the battlefield. Go up the stairs at the end and pass by the side of the house to meet an offering merchant, the Battlefield Memorial (a merchant) who will sell you Robert’s firecrackers for only 500 Sen (the game currency) to adapt in Shinobi firecracker with the sculptor.

→ Iron fortress / loaded umbrella :

At Ashina Castle, go to the idol of the old grave… You can unlock this area from the bottom of the castle entrance or through the rooftops. When you are at the idol, immediately jump down on the roof and go through the hole to enter the house. You will meet inside the merchant black hat Badger who will sell you the shinobi tool « iron fortress » for 1600 Sen (the money of the game) to adapt in loaded umbrella with the sculptor on your prosthesis.

→ Sabimaru / Sabimaru short blade :

Go at the idol of the upper tower – Antechamber of Ashina Castle. Kill the guard from the first room and jump down into the next room. You will find a treasure chest near an altar that contains the Sabimaru shinobi tool that you can unlock by consulting the sculptor at the dilapidated temple.

→ Large fan / Divine abduction :

To obtain this new Shinobi prosthesis, you will have to cross a large part of the sunken valley that is accessible from Ashina Castle via the area of the Great Serpent Altar. Head for the idol of the gun fort, where you will fight a certain « Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe »… After your victory you will be able to seize the « large fan » tool that you can adapt on your prosthesis in « divine abduction ».

→ Slender finger / finger whistle :

For this one you will have a lot of skill… Really… You will have to defeat the terrible guardian ape who is at the bottom of the sunken valley not far the Bodhisvatta Valley idol. The shinobi tool « Slender finger » is in the animal’s body, you will have to do two shinobi executions to get rid of it and get the item that you can transform into a finger whistle.

After collecting these 10 tools, you will have all the weapons for your prosthetic. All you have to do is get all kinds of resources and other materials to improve your Sekiro Shadows Die Twice shinobi tools.


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