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Wiki Borderlands 3 list of all new and change in the gameplay


Thanks to a dedicated GearBox Software event, we now have much more details on the new Borderlands 3. More than just images, we now know what’s new and changing in the gameplay. If you were afraid of a Borderlands 2.5, you might be surprised!

We suggest you to discover below all the new features and other changes in the Borderlands 3 gameplay. You will also be able to watch a video of the game (here : Borderlands 3 gameplay video weapons, locations, character skills) that will allow you to see the different places that can be visited in this unique adventure and discover ever crazier weapons.

What’s new and what are the changes in the gameplay of Borderlands 3 ?

The character controlled by the player can now slide to quickly take cover and hang on to the ledge by jumping.

The covering elements of the decor are now destructible, it is no longer possible to stand behind the same structure long time to protect yourself. Borderlands 3 will force you to be more mobile than before.

The collected weapons have new technical information such as a « score » to determine the quality of the item. 

It is possible to interact with the environments in action. For example, you can perform a melee attack on an elementary barrel to make it fly over your enemies before firing in mid-air.

You can now see on your minimap (radar) the parts of the map you have already visited. The more you visit the site, the more the map is covered with color indicating that you have already been there.

No need to stop to pick up health, ammunition and money. In Bordrlands 3, you just have to walk close away and these items will be looted automatically.

Some liquids that appear on the ground are flammable. You can create explosions or spread the fire over a large area.

You can now revive the non-player characters who accompany you and the AI can do the same if you fall to the ground.

Characters now have three action skills that can be active.

There is always the challenge system (like the badass rank level of the previous ones) and it will reward players in the Eridium. However, we do not know if the value of « badass » is still existing, the system has been renamed to « gardian rank » and the challenges are called « crew challenge ».

The level of weapons and equipment adapts to the player’s level. If a player sees items while at level 5, they will be level 5, while if a player in the same game is at level 20, he will see the same items at level 20.

Enemies are balanced to adapt to the player’s level as well as the details of the loot to be collected. If you are level 5 the monsters adapt to your level and if you are stronger then they will be stronger. That is, two players in the same game with a different level will not see enemies at the same level.

The famous offers of the day that appear in the distributors of weapons, health care and others now appear automatically on the dispensers without having to open the machine’s interface.

Borderlands 3 would be larger than its predecessors and would have even more bosses to fight than before.

There is now a spacecraft, Sanctuary 3, which allows you to leave Pandora to visit the other planets.

If you have forgotten or lost loot, you will now find it on a dedicated Sanctuary 3 machine that will spit it out on the ground.

There are personal areas for players at Sanctuary 3 where it is possible to make visual changes with decorations.

It is now possible to steal a vehicle from an enemy.

The legendary weapons are shown on the minimap, you can no longer miss them when they appear.

New types of weapons are present with ever-increasing effects. The sound of the weapons has been improved.

The player can control the trajectory of the rockets on some rocket launchers.



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