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No Man’s Sky Next where to find uranium and how to put fuel in your ship


If you’re looking for Uranium in No Man’s Sky Next, it’s probably because your ship has broken down on one of the many planets in the game… If you don’t know how to get fuel to leave this planet and you’re looking for resources like Uranium, we’ll explain through this page what you need to know. 

After reading these few lines, you will certainly see more clearly on the process making it possible to put fuel again in your vessel. Uranium is not such a difficult resource to obtain in No Man’s Sky Next and know that it is not necessary if your goal is to put fuel in your ship! We explain you…

How to get uranium in No Man’s Sky Next :

Uranium is one of the many resources of No Man’s Sky Next, it is used primarily as fuel for your ships, but this resource is also used as a craft ingredient in advanced plans. To get uranium, it’s quite simple, as a secondary resource of the game, you just need to scan some plants and minerals to get it, you can also get it in deposits located on planets with radioactive atmosphere.

Uranium is in all cases a valuable resource in No Man’s Sky Next, think as much as possible to collect by scanning many plants and minerals. If your goal is to put fuel in your ship to leave a planet, Uranium is not the only solution! Look at what follows and you will be able to recharge your ship to take off again.

No Man’s Sky Next – how to recharge your ship with fuel :

Uranium is not the only method of obtaining fuel, you can also obtain it through crafts by collecting oxygen / di-hydrogen and ferrite dust. You will easily find oxygen / di-hydrogen since it is a resource common to all planets that is characterized in the form of blue crystals. Ferrite dust can be obtained in abundance in rock formations by using a laser to mine resources. 

Once you have what you need, simply open your menu to make an sheet of metal combined with di-hydrogen which will allow you to obtain launch fuel pods.


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