Mario Kart Tour error with support code 806-7250 how to solve the problem ?


Since the launch of Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android, players have had difficulty joining the game’s servers. Among the error codes in the game, there is one that comes up quite often. This is support code 806-7250 which simply prevents you from playing Mario Kart Tour. If you are affected by this problem yourself, we have some solutions to propose to you to solve the problem.

Mario Kart Tour an error occurred assistance code 806-7250 :

This bug seems to appear when the game asks you to download an update or additional files which causes the game to crash. It is impossible to determine at this stage whether it is an Internet connection problem, a server problem or anything else… Some players seem to have managed to solve the problem with one of the three solutions below:

  1. Close the Mario Kart Tour application completely and restart it.
  2. Restart your phone or reinstall the application.
  3. Check your internet connection and make sure you have enough free space if the game tries to download files.

Note that Nintendo and DeNa should very soon offer a patch for iOS or Android players affected by the error message indicating the 806-7250 support code that prevents them from playing Mario Kart Tour.


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