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Fortnite season 4 the list of challenges of week 7 for the battle pass


Fortnite players with the battle pass can now embark on a whole new list of challenges. These challenges always consist in allowing the players to collect some additional stars in order to progress always higher in the tiers of the battle pass of this season 4. The objective being obviously to get the ultimate reward of the battle pass before the end of the season.

Fortnite – List of challenges for week 7 (Season 4) :

This week, we’ll have to use the pickaxe, score goals because the World Cup is obligatory, search the chests, or consume food, because we have to regain our strength. Here is the complete list, we will publish a series of « home » guides for the most complicated challenges.

  • Challenge 1 -> Hurt opponents using the pickaxe (250 times)
  • Challenge 2 -> You have to search chests in Risky Reels’ area (7 times)
  • Challenge 3 -> You must consume antigravity stones, mushrooms / apples (20 times)
  • Challenge 4 -> You must score goals on football fields (3 times)
  • Challenge 5 -> Follow and find the battle star on the Pleasant Park Treasure Map (1 time)
  • Challenge 6 -> Make eliminations with an assault rifle (5 times)
  • Challenge 7 -> Make eliminations in the Shifty Shafts area (3 times)

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