Is there a VR (virtual reality) mode in the racing game Dirt Rally 2.0 as in the first one ?


If this question crossed your mind, it’s because you certainly took the opportunity to enjoy the first Dirt Rally with a virtual reality headset… Unfortunately, Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn’t support VR headsets at the moment. We specify « for the moment », because the developers have already confirmed that VR support is under study. At least only for the Oculus on PC which should land later this year if everything goes well.

Upcoming support for the Playstation VR in Dirt Rally 2.0 ?

In a recent announcement, the developers revealed that they were not closed to VR support for other headsets, including Sony’s Playstation VR. It remains to be seen whether the demand from players will be strong enough to motivate Codemasters teams to focus on supporting virtual reality as was the case for the first Dirt Rally game.


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