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Octopath Traveler how many chapters there are for each character of the game


Octopath Traveler offers JRPG fans a great travel to the land of Orsterra. A journey that allows players to take control and follow the story of 8 protagonists. Characters who all begin their adventure in a specific region of Orsterra. Even if you choose a particular hero in the game, there’s nothing to stop you from recruiting the other 7 along the way to fill your team’s ranks. If you want to finish the story of Octopath Traveler, it is highly recommended to recruit all playable characters along the way and live each of their chapter.

If you are wondering how many chapters there are per character in Octopath Traveler, this page is made to bring you the answers to your questions.

How many chapters are there in Octopath Traveler ?

If you plan to do the entire adventure of Octopath Traveler and play with all eight characters, you will have access to four chapters for each of them. This means that you will have to finish a total of 32 chapters in Octopath Traveler to finish the full main quest. If you also want to know the number of hours you will have to play to finish the game in a straight line or with its side quests, you will get the answer in a previous article we did a few weeks ago here : Wiki Octopath Traveler how many hours of play it takes to finish the game.


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