Wiki Kingdom Hearts 3 how to get the weapon / Starlight keyblade


The Keyblade Starlight is the standard weapon obtained in Kingdom Hearts Union X that you can unlock in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you will certainly have understood it from the first line, to get it in KH3, you will have to play Kingdom Hearts Union X, a mobile game available on iOS and Android. The goal will be to finish a series of mini games where you will have to reach a certain score….

If you succeed, then you will get a download code for Kingdom Hearts 3 that will allow you to get an exclusive weapon, the Keyblade Starlight that Sora can use from the beginning of the adventure.


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How to get the Keyblade Starlight in Kingdom Hearts 3 ?

To get the Keyblade Starlight in Kingdom Hearts 3, you must first go to the Apple store if you are on iPhone / iPad or the Play Store if you are on Android to download the Kingdom Hearts Union X game to your phone. 

After downloading and starting the game, you should start by finishing the tutorial and creating your character. After the end of this tutorial, enter the menu by touching the upper right corner of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom and press « Other ». Then tap on the x3 icon [ex tres] at the bottom left and choose the « Classic Kingdom » mode.

This mode offers you a series of mini games in the « Game & Watch » style in which you will need to earn a certain number of points. You can see the number of points to get by selecting the Limited-time Challenge tab to see how many points you will need to get to get the code and unlock the Sora Starlight Keyblade that can be activated in Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • Fishin’ Frenzy: Get a score of 7500 points
  • Giantland: Succeeding with 50 escapes
  • The musical Farmer: Get a score of 5000 points
  • The Karnival Kid: get a score of 30000 points
  • The Barnyard Batte: Get a score of 25000 points

Once you have reached all the target scores, this is the moment when your fingers should not shake… Because an error, and your code will not be compatible with the version of your future game. Click on « issue Product Code », choose the right region and the right gaming platform, check this information before validating, it would be a shame to get a EU PSN code while you are playing on Xbox in USA… 

Once you have the Keyblade code, keep it safe, it will be activated as soon as Kingdom Hearts 3 is released on January 29th, which will allow you to obtain and directly equip Sora with the Keyblade Starlight.


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