How to repair vehicles with the torch and the skill perk auto repair in Far Cry 5


In far Cry 5, you can drive many vehicles, the problem is that have the fanatics of Eden’s Gate, it is unlikely that you will travel the roads of Hope County without any problem. If your car is seriously damaged, it is absolutely possible to repair it.

To do this, you must unlock in the skills tree of your character menu the Repair Torch against 5 perk points that will be added to your character’s utility wheel once it has been unlocked. The skill is in the Survivalist’s skill tree. You can use the Repair Torch in various ways, to open safes for example, but also to repair your damaged vehicles.


To use the torch, exit your vehicle, choose the tool from the utility wheel or press the X or Square button directly (depending on the platform you are playing on) as you approach a damaged vehicle to take your torch out. Once your character holds the torch in his hands, press R2 or RT (PS4 or Xbox One) to begin repairs with the torch. Repairing your vehicles will allow you to travel longer distances and it will prevent you from exploding indoors if the Eden Gate guys have caused too much damage to your vehicles.

Note that there is a second way to repair your vehicles, for that unlock the skill « Auto repair » in the skills tree Renegade. The skill costs 6 perk points and automatically repairs your vehicles when you drive them. In addition, the Auto Repair skill also works with the arcade mode of Far Cry 5 !



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