Guide Far Cry 5 how to get new outfits and accessories to customize your character


Far Cry 5 has some changes compared to the previous games, it’s possible to modify the clothes and accessories of your characters. While in previous episodes of the license it was possible to make modifications on the weapons, in Far Cry 5 it’s the complete character that you can modify and customize.

For this, you must go to the Hope Country stores. You can easily find them by opening your map, they are indicated by a green icon with a white gun in the center. By going to one of the game’s stores, you can buy new clothes and even complete outfits.

To shop in Far Cry 5, you can use the currency earned in the game (dollars) or use your silver bars which is the premium currency of Far Cry 5. Also note that you can get exclusive outfits by logging into the Ubisoft Club and that some outfits will be automatically unlocked by completing main / secondary quests of the game.

Finally, if you play in the arcade mode of Far Cry 5, you can also customize your character(s) with tons of clothes, accessories or complete outfits.


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