dimanche, décembre 4

Wiki Far Cry 5 What is it the Silver Bars And How To Get It


As you may have noticed when playing Far Cry 5, there are two types of currency in the game. You can earn Dollars by participating in the various Hope Country activities and also can find some in different places on the map and there’s Silver Bars… These bars are premiums… But what are they for ?

Even if Silver Bars are used as currency for micro-transactions, it is quite possible to find them by simply playing the game without paying with the real money. They are rare, but you can obtain them by emptying the outposts as well as in some treasures chests hidden in different places of Hope Country. Silver Bars are used to obtain very rare / premium equipment such as weapons, vehicles, outfits or complete skins.

It’s not easy to give you precise locations where to get them, because from one save to another, the Silver Bars are not positioned in the same places. This means that the placement of the Silver Bars in the game is totally random. Try to accumulate as much as you can to get the best and most prestigious Far Cry 5 equipments.


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