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Guide No Man’s Sky Next How to Get Chromatic Metal


With the new Next update from No Man’s Sky things have changed quite a bit. It is highly possible that you will be completely lost when you return to the game if you were one of the first players. Especially since the Hello Games development team has not been a dead hand between drastic changes in the mechanics of the gameplay and the addition of various items and resources, « Next » marks a huge turning point in No Man’s Sky’s career.

One of the new resources introduced in the latest update of the game is the chromatic metal. If you are looking for this material and are not looking any more, you just found it! Here we will explain everything you need to know about No Man’s Sky Next chromatic metal and how to get it.

How to make chromatic metal in No Man’s Sky Next :

Yes, chromatic metal is not a resource you naturally find in the game, you have to create some! To obtain chromatic metal, you will first need a portable refiner that you can build with oxygen and a Metal Plating from the craft menu. The game will always lead you to create your first portable refiner if you start No Man’s Sky Next from the beginning. 

→ You will then need one of the 4 precious resources of the game, namely copper, emeril, cadmium or iridium. You will get it by using the field manipulator of your Multi-Tool. 

→ To use the Terrain Manipulator, simply press the triangle button if you are playing on PS4, X on PC and Y on Xbox One while manipulating your Multi-Tool.

→ Place one of the valuable resources in the left compartment of your portable refiner while making sure to power the unit with any type of fuel in the refiner’s top slot. 

Once the machine is finished, you can retrieve your chromatic metal from the right compartment. Now you know how to get chromatic metal in No Man’s Sky Next !


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