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The Sims 4 Island Living cheats codes list for PC and consoles


As with each release of a Sims 4 expansion pack, a new list of cheat codes is available. We invite you to find below the codes that will allow you to manipulate the data of The Sims 4 Island Living. These codes work on PC and Mac, but also on PS4 or Xbox One consoles.

Turn your Sims into sirens / mermaids, make them hybrids or cheat to trigger unexpected events, unless you want to make dolphins appear right in front of your eyes. In short, you will have understood it we have a whole list of cheat codes for the extension The Sims 4 Island Living just for you !

How to use a cheat code in The Sims 4 Island Living pack :

It’s quite simple, just open the command console that allows you to add cheat codes when you’re in live mode (active sims). By pressing « CTRL + SHIFT + C » (or Command + shift + C on MAC) you will display this window dedicated to cheats. 

★ Note – If you are a console player, press L1, L2, R1 and R2 simultaneously if you are on PS4 or LB, LT, RB and RT if you are on Xbox One. 

Then, type in the window the command « testcheats true » (without quotes) to activate The Sims 4 Island Living cheat mode. Now look through the list below for the code you want to enter and have fun!

All cheat codes for The Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack :

Next you will find all the commands that will allow you to activate a cheat code. We have put the commands between quotation marks, you must not use quotation marks, just the command !

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid« .
Has the effect of transforming your Sim into a siren.

Type the command « traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaid« .
The effect is to restore the normal appearance of a Sim to a siren.

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid_Mermaid_MermaidForm« .
Has the effect of adding a siren tail on land.

Type the command « careers.add_career Conservationist« .
Allows you to add an conservationist career to your sim.

Type the command « careers.promote Conservationist« .
Improves the level of your Sim’s conservationist career.

Type the command « careers.remove_career Conservationist« .
Take the conservationist job off a sim.

Type the command « careers.promote PartTime_Diver« .
You get a promotion in the part-time Diver career (3 levels possible).

Type the command « careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman« .
You get a promotion in the part-time fisherman’s career (3 levels possible).

Type the command « careers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard« .
You get a promotion in the part-time lifeguard career (3 levels possible).

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_BeachBum_LaidBack« .
Sims that have a Laid-Back will never be tense.

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_Hidden_IslandAncestor_Elemental« .
Your Sim is impregnated with Sulani’s energy which allows her to improve the quality of plants and invoke objects / volcanic eruptions.

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_NaturalSpeaker« .
Your Sim becomes more friendly, relationships with others are easier.

Type the command « traits.equip_trait trait_FriendOfTheSea« .
Your Sim befriends dolphins and mermaids more quickly, and can manoeuvre around the ocean like a real captain.

Type the command « volcanic_eruption small« .
This cheat code only works with the Volcanic Activity feature. Small lava bombs arrive on the island.

Type the command « volcanic_eruption large« .
This cheat code only works with the Volcanic Activity feature. Large lava bombs are arriving on the island.

★ Note 2 – Be careful the codes below require the use of a mod to work!

  1. Download the cheating mod here.
  2. Place it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods.
  3. Enable mods in the game options (Gameplay Options → Others, and check « Enable Mods » and « Enable Script Mods »).
  4. Restart your game (If the mod is correctly loaded, a window will confirm it).

Type the command « loot.apply_to_sim loot_Dolphins_Investigate_SpawnDolphin« .
You will make a dolphin appear, repeat the command to make an army of dolphins appear. The sim must be in deep water for it to work.

Type the command « narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Starting« .
Your beach will become dirty and full of garbage.

Type the command « narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Intermediate« .
Your beach is cleaner, but there are still fishing nets and garbage left.

Type the command « narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Final« .
Your beach is impeccable, there are even turtles and jellyfish.


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