Guide Jurassic World Evolution how to expand your park and unlock all the islands


In the new Jurassic World Evolution, you won’t only have to manage one park. Throughout your career, you will access new islands with increasingly demanding success conditions. You will have to do everything to maintain a balance with your parks by managing the financial aspect correctly and knowing how to react to unforeseen events (accident, weather problem, etc.). 

Your adventure begins on Isla Matanceros, the first island in the Las Cinco Muertes archipelago to have been developed. It welcomes important installations in a pleasant and sunny setting. If you don’t know how to access the other islands and expand your dinosaur park empire, we’ll explain here everything you need to know about the other islands to unlock from Jurassic World Evolution.

Jurassic World Evolution how to unlock all islands :

The task will not be easy, for every island you unlock, you will have to reach a certain score on your existing parks. To do this, it will be necessary to generate enough profits to build more and more buildings and welcome more and more dinosaurs in order to attract customers. 

As your park grows, and its rating increases, you can at any time follow the note of your park by opening the management menu or by consulting the small stars at the bottom right of your screen. Reach a certain score threshold and the other islands will unlock automatically. But here are the conditions to reach for each of the Jurassic World Evolution islands.

→ How to unlock the island Isla Muerta :

To open access to Isla Muerta, you must obtain a general 3 star rating on Isla Matanceros, the starting island. Building a park on Isla Muerta will be a more dangerous undertaking than previous ones. While the island enjoys beautiful sunsets, it is often ravaged by severe storms. So understand that from here on things will become more difficult than before.

→ How to unlock Isla Tacano Island :

To unlock this new island in Jurassic World Evolution, you must reach a three-star rating on the island of Isla Muerta. Isla Tacano is a tropical paradise ideal for the development of your complex. The climate is generally idyllic and the island offers spectacular landscapes. Keep in mind, however, that over-ambitious developers have left their shirts there in the past. 

→ How to unlock Isla Pena Island :

As with the previous islands, you can unlock Isla Pena by getting a certain score. You will need 3 stars on Isla Tacano to unlock this new Jurassic World Evolution island. Isla Pena is the smallest island of Las Cinco Muertes, which makes it the most difficult to develop. Its limited space will suit some species better than others. Operations are conducted at nightfall and frequent storms are a major problem.

→ How to unlock Isla Sorna Island :

Isla Sorna will be the last island of your promoter activity. Isla Sorna represents the ultimate challenge for your activities. Former site of a huge inGen centre, it is now abandoned. It’s up to you to reshape the landscape and repair the ruined infrastructure to make it the largest of all amusement parks. You will unlock access to this area by first obtaining a three-star score on Isla Pena.

→ How to unlock Isla Nublar Island :

By playing Jurassic World Evolution and in particular by increasing your score up to 4 stars on the Isla Matanceros starting island, you will be able to access a bonus zone known as the sandbox. Isla Nublar is the island where it all began, as Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were built here. 

In this sandbox, prove that you can succeed where your predecessors failed. This bonus area will allow you to be creative, you will have unlimited money and a gigantic field for your dinosaur park. You can absolutely control everything until the weather and accidents that occur on the island.


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