Detroit Become Human how to save your game


If you’re here, it’s because you don’t really understand how the saving system work on the new Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human. Even better, you probably want to know if the game includes a manual save system. Indeed, it would be rather practical in the game to be able to save a game manually since your choices have an impact on the scenario in the short term, but also on the long term. If you have any questions about the Detroit Become Human savegames you’re in the right place, let’s decrypt it all together !

How Detroit Become Human’s automatic saves work :

As you can probably imagine, the Detroit Become Human game regularly saves your progress in the adventure. Each choice having unfortunate consequences, it is necessary to take the time to think well, because the new Quantic Dream will not leave you any way to modify what you have just made by proceeding to an automatic save of your game as soon as you made a choice. This will make it very difficult to reverse a path you have followed in a mission unless you start a complete chapter again to test different connections. So comes the question of manual saving…

How to save your game manually in Detroit Become Human :

Playing in Detroit Become Human you will certainly want to experience everything, there are multiple choices leading to multiple ends… To see everything, you will have to replay the scenes of the game and test different junctions. With this in mind, you may be wondering if you can manipulate the Detroit Become Human files by creating multiple manual saves… Unfortunately, we have bad news, Quantic Dream teams have made the choice to prevent manipulation of the advancement in the history of the three androids which prevents making manual backups in Detroit Become Human.


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