Jurassic World Evolution how to sell dinosaurs in the park


In Jurassic World Evolution, you can bring all kinds of dinosaur species to life in the Hammond Creation Lab by incubating dinosaur eggs in the hatching bays. The more expeditions you start, the more fossils you get that allow you to learn more about the game’s species while improving their genome. 

Know that you are not forced to welcome 100 dinosaurs in your park, it is enough for you to sell those which are in excess. Too many dinosaurs in your parks will tend to lower your overall score, so you might as well get the maximum benefit from a dinosaur at the end of its life by selling it instead of waiting for it to die in front of your customers in the dinosaur park for example or simply selling those that are in excess.

So think about selling the game function to make some extra profits that will allow you to maintain good management of your compatibility.

How to sell a dinosaur in Jurassic World Evolution :

To sell a dinosaur, first make sure you have a ACU center installed in your park, from this building you can send a ACU helicopter to administer a sedative to the dinosaurs, use the transport team to transport or sell sleeping dinosaurs or remove dead dinosaurs’ bodies.

You will have understood, to sell a dino in Jurassic World Evolution you must first administer a tranquilizer to sedate the beast you wish to sell. Start by targeting the dinosaur you want to sell and call the ACU helicopter with the task of administering a tranquilizer to the animal (you will have to spend money). You can also fly the helicopter manually and administer the dinosaur sedative yourself.

Once he sleeps like a baby, call the ACU transport team and ask to transport the animal. You will then see at the bottom left of the screen the option « Sell », you only have to press the corresponding button depending on the platform on which you are playing to confirm the transaction. 

If you are short of funds, a dinosaur is in the end of its life or you simply notice that your park’s rating has dropped due to too many dinosaurs present, simply use the sell function.


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