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Guide Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition where Regalia Replica is located


If you have the Royal Edition extension of Final Fantasy XV, you probably know that you can get the Regalia Replica. A true replica of the Regalia that it is possible to drive on Insomnia’s new extended MAP.

If you are looking to find out how to unlock the Regalia Replica type-D in Final Fantasy XV to ride in Insomnia, simply follow our guide to get it !

How to get Regalia Replica in Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition :

In order, for the quest to become accessible in chapter 14, you must fulfill some conditions. In fact, you must first have obtained the Regalia type D (the monster trucks) in the game.

This is an off-road version of the royal car transformed by Cindy after a secondary quest. If you don’t have it yet, you will first have to go to see Cindy at Hammerhead and finish the two quests she offers to unlock the Regalia type-D.

Once you have obtained the Regalia type D, return to the ruined city of Insomnia and go to the glaives base where you will find Talcott who has a surprise for you…

At least, it was Cid who sent Talcott to give Noctis and his band a key with the Royal Family emblem, triggering the new secondary quest  » A Gift from Cid « . By following the new objective of this quest, you will obtain the Regalia Replica. You will be able to walk freely with your Royal Regalia in the streets of the new ruined city of Insomnia.

Please note that the Regalia type-D for insomnia is equipped with a Magitek generator and cannot run out of fuel. In addition, if you damage your Regalia Replica, simply talk to Talcott at the Glaive Base to have it repaired.


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