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Guide Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition how to get the new Armiger Unleashed


If you possess the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV and you have collected the thirteen Royal arms, Noctis can get the ultimate power called the  » Armiger Unleashed « . This power is activated with the accessory  » Founder King’s Sigil « , a crest containing the combined strength of all the rulers of yore. This accessorie will awakens for Noctis the true power of kings.

In fact, the crest Founder King’s Sigil allows Noctis to invoke a more powerful version of the Armiger power whose combos can be reinforced when Noctis shines at specific moments in a sequence allowing him to make different special moves. If you’re looking for a way to get it, read on to find out the exact place where you can get the new power of Noctis’s  » Armiger Unleashed « .

How find the new Armiger Unleashed in Final Fantasy 15 :

As previously announced, to unlock this power for Noctis, you will first have to gather the 13 Royal arms that you will obtain by browsing through most of the dungeons in the game. In addition, you will need the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV to access the new Armiger Unleashed.

If you meet all the conditions, go to Hammerhead, rent a chocobo or board your Regalia and head for the north of Hammerhead, on your way to the first dungeon of the game, the  » keycatrich trench « . Outside this dungeon you will find the statue of Somnus (the Mystic). If you approach the statue and Noctis touches it, you will get the supreme Armiger Unleashed and the  » Founder King’s Sigil «  accessory.

When you get it, you will see the following message appear :

When the Armiger bar is full, unleash the new power.

You can test the possibilities of this new royal power at will in the training room menu.


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