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Guide Fortnite season 9 how to get the Fortbyte number 36 (computer chips)


Season 9 of Fortnite introduces a whole new type of collectibles item. Fortbytes that you can find in the challenge / event tab of the game. These computer chips can be obtained by completing some challenges or are to be collected on the map by solving small puzzles. If for the first week some data appear as corrupted data, others are already available and can be collected now. This is particularly the case for computer chip number 36, the title of which indicates to « accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island ».

If you don’t know what to do, we will explain everything to you now. We will show you where you need to go to get the Fortbyte number 36 and what you absolutely need to do to make it appear.

Where is located the Fortbyte number 36 in Fortnite season 9 ?

As the description suggests, the chip is located in the snowy area. So at the bottom left of the map, but to make this chip pop up, you must use the skin (outfit) of the sentinel otherwise the computer chip will simply not appear. We have placed the exact place to visit on the map below, do not forget to wear the « sentinel » suit if you want the Fortbyte chip 36 to appear. As you approach, you will see the name of the chip with the title of the puzzle « accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island ».



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