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Wiki The Division 2 what is the maximum level of the character and the maximum level of the Dark Zone


Since Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 offers players the opportunity to earn levels through an experience point system, you may be interested to know in advance the maximum level that can be reached with your character if you are new to the game… Or to know the maximum level that you can reach by playing in the Dark Zone. Because yes, when you are in the Dark Zone you also earn experience points that increase your player level in this zone mixing both PvP (players vs. players) and PvE (player vs. environment). 

This increases your probability of getting contaminated equipment and allows you to unlock permanent bonuses with the Dark Zone officer in the White House. In short! If you are wondering what is the maximum level of your character and in the Dark Zone, you will find this information below. You will see that reaching the max level does not mean the end of The Division 2, because it is by reaching the max level that things really start with « end game » content.

What is the maximum level (cap lvl) of The Division 2 characters ?

The maximum level is set at 30. Once you reach this level, you will not be able to win any more levels… On the other hand, you will unlock three new classes called « specializations » in the game. Your first « end game » step will therefore be to choose a specialist, among these three possible choices…

  • The SURVIVALIST who has an explosive-tipped crossbow.
  • The DEMOLITIONIST with an M32A1 grenade launcher.
  • The SHARPSHOOTER who has a.50 caliber sniper rifle.

By unlocking these specialists after completing the campaign and reaching the maximum level of the game, you will have access to  new skills, mods and talents as well as a wide range of additional activities from The Division 2. Reaching level 30 is only the beginning of your journey !

What is the maximum level (cap lvl) of the Dark Zone in The Division 2 :

When you are in the Dark Zone, you also earn experience points, but they do not increase your character’s level. You earn « DZ » experience points that allow you to increase your level in this area and that is only valid for this area… A specific level that takes the form of a purple visual indicator on your character’s profile. This level is used to improve your rewards and especially increases the probability of obtaining contaminated equipment in the Dark Zone to be extracted at an extraction point. In addition, you earn skill points that you can spend to obtain Dark Zone specific skills by going to a White House Special Agent… The maximum level of The Division 2 Dark Zone is normally set at 50.


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