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Wiki Devil May Cry 5 how long it takes to finish the game and how many missions / chapters in the game


The games of the Devil May Cry series have never had a long life span, the main adventure often ends in only about ten hours in each games. The episodes of the franchise offer a good replayability thanks to the different difficulty modes, the orbs farm to unlock all the skills or by finishing the annex dungeon of the bloody palace… Does Devil May Cry 5 change the deal ? How long does it take to finish the game, how many missions / chapters ? If you ask yourself these questions, you will find the answer afterwards!

How many chapters or missions are there in Devil May Cry 5 ?

DmC5 allows you to take control of three different characters… Namely Nero, Dante and the enigmatic V. You will control these protagonists in specific missions and you will have the opportunity after a while to replay the different missions with the character of your choice. Be aware that there are a total of 20 missions in Devil May Cry 5 to which you can add 12 secret missions to discover that are scattered across the 20 main missions of the game.

How many hours of play does it take to finish the Devil May Cry 5 story ?

In a straight line, you will finish the story of Devil May Cry 5 in about 12 hours of play in a standard difficulty. This playing time may differ from one player to another depending on your ability to meet certain challenges. If you take the time to do the secret missions on your way and search everywhere you can increase this game time to about 16 hours… But where you will spend the most time if you aim for 100% is to finish all missions in rank S, finish all difficulty modes and unlock all the skills of the three characters. You will then need many more hours of play to complete everything !

☆ Note: You will find on our pages a guide / a farm method that will allow you to easily and quickly obtain thousands of red orbs (crystallized demon blood), it is on this page that you can discover the method : Guide Devil May Cry 5 how to easily and quickly get red orbs (crystallized demon blood).

Be aware that in April, you can also try your skill in the bloody palace which is an annex dungeon (a battle arena) with several floors where many enemies and bosses await you. The bloody palace will be deployed with a free update for all those who own Devil May Cry 5.


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