mercredi, septembre 28

God of War PS4 how to fix the black border (how change screen size)


If you are playing on PS4 pro or even standard PS4, it is quite possible that you may have encountered a display bug when playing for the first time the new God Of War. Ugly black stripes ruin the party, keeping the game from filling your entire screen display. No need to look for any settings in the game options, the Santa Monica studio developers didn’t think to add a setting at this point except for the brightness setting at the beginning of the game.

If you have tried everything to remove these black stripes on the display of your screen by changing your image format to 16:9, original or even zoom, know that we have a solution to offer you and that works immediately. And it’s happening within the parameters of your PS4 !

Open your console settings, go to sound & screen section then select the display area settings option and set your display correctly to remove black border in God of War to PS4 !


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