mercredi, décembre 7

God of War PS4 what is the maximum level Kratos can reach (cap lvl) ?


Even if God of War has always been an action-based license, the new God of War on PS4 incorporates RPG-specific mechanics. So, you can improve the offensive or defensive power of Kratos through an XP system and equipment. To raise the general level of Kratos, it is not enough to fight monsters and gain as many experience points as possible.

The character’s progression system is quite similar to a certain Destiny for example. These are the pieces of equipment that will determine the general level of Kratos in the game. Make sure to improve your equipment, find some rare and you will eventually reach the max level. 

To our knowledge, the equipment has 7 different LVLs. This means that each of the pieces that make up the general Kratos level can reach level 7. Kratos’ armor and the quality of his equipment will be decisive for the offensive and defensive power in this new adventure of God of War on PS4.


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