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Glitch Apex Legends, the cheating bug that makes it possible to become invincible and win all matches.


The new video game phenomenon is called Apex Legends, a game that has already attracted no less than 25 million curious players who have tried it in just one week of existence. This new Battle Royale game is signed by the teams of « Respawn » (they are known for their work on Titanfall) and published by « EA », and the least we can say is that it is seriously starting to get talked about and has something to worry the competition.

But here we are, like all good competitive online games, cheating is never far away to ruin the party… And unfortunately it has already happened in Apex Legends with a glitch that was discovered recently and that allows you to win any game if it is exploited during the match by a player or a squad.

The first glitch that makes invincible in Apex Legends :

Haven’t you recently had the case of a match that ends because of a security ring that closes on all the remaining players leaving no choice but to use all its phoenix kits and other healing items in stock to survive a few more seconds while hoping that the opposing team will drop the piece first ? If that happened to you, you had no chance of winning the game ! Your unfair competitors used a glitch / bug that makes it possible to become invincible and not to take any more damage either by the weapons of the other players or by the security ring that closes.

With a good placement at a certain point on the King’s Canyon map, the player who « glitches / cheats » can no longer jump and gets stuck in his corner, but instead acquires invincibility power, which makes him the champion of the game without even fighting other players. We will obviously avoid showing you the exact location of this glitch / cheating so as not to create antigame… Let’s just hope that the « Respawn » development teams will react quickly to this situation and see what the consequences will be for the players who exploit this first method of cheating from Apex Legends !


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