Apex Legends a pro gamer tip for legendary / gold equipment (additional bonus effects)


The gameplay of Apex Legends is filled with subtleties that make it incredibly rich and deep. There is one of these hidden subtleties that you absolutely must discover and that you can exploit in the field once you become familiar with it. This will allow you to better understand your equipment and its potential effects. Did you know that there is a real difference between adding an epic item (purple) and legendary equipment (yellow / gold) to your character / legend ?

Apex Legends – legendary equipment, what are the differences with epic equipment ?

Here’s what you need to know about it! The legendary equipment (yellow / gold) all add a permanent bonus effect to your character if you find one or more pieces during your matches… Explanations !

→ If you find a legendary backpack (yellow/gold) then the time it takes you to use an item to restore your life points or restore your shield is halved.

→ If you find a legendary KO shield (yellow / gold) the chance is on your side, because if you come to fall to the ground, you can automatically return to the field without even having one of your teammates come to save you… It’s time to take your revenge on your attacker!

→ If you get a legendary helmet (yellow/gold), the time to use your tactical or ultimate skill is reduced by half.

→ If you get a legendary type of armor (yellow/gold) every time you perform an execution on an enemy, you will restore your entire shield.

→ If you get a legendary weapon sight (yellow/gold), then you will see a red highlight surrounding your opponents, even if they are protected by a smoke screen.

This article completes our series of tips and tricks that we recently created on Apex Legends. If you have not yet consulted them and are new to this new Battle Royale, we strongly encourage you to take a look, you will learn a lot of good things! it’s just here : Guide Apex Legends tips and tricks to become the champion of the game.


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