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Fortnite Road Trip challenge where the Durrr Burger head, dinosaur and stone head are located


Fortnite Battle Royale’s traditional challenges are back at the beginning of season 10 in the form of « Road Trip » missions. One of these missions will ask you to visit the Drift painted head of the Durrr Burger, to visit a dinosaur, but also a stone head. Since there are some changes on the MAP of season 10, you may need a little help to easily locate these three decorative objects. 

We suggest that you find the exact location of the Durrr Burger head, dinosaur and stone head in the following. Once located, all you have to do is stand as close as possible to the game count your visit and allow you to validate one of the first « Road Trip » challenges of season 10 of Fortnite.

☆ Note – Another Road Trip challenge at the beginning of the season will ask you to locate and destroy « Stop » signs on the MAP by wearing a certain skin, if you need a little help for this mission of the game you will find some hints here : Fortnite season 10 Road Trip Challenge destroy stop signs with Catalyst outfit (where to find).

Where are the Drift painted Durrr Burger head, the dinosaur and the stone head on Fortnite MAP ?

  • First, you will find the Durrr Burger head not far from Pleasant Park on the right in box D3 when you open your card.
  • Secondly, the position of the dinosaur, which is located to the far right of the MAP in the desert part. You will find one under Paradise Palms in box I9 when you open your in-game map.
  • And finally, the stone head can be visited in the snow-covered region of Fortnite Island. The large stone head is above the frozen lake, open your map and put a marker in box C6.

To help you see even more clearly, we have put the location of the head of the Durrr Burger, the dinosaur and the stone head on the MAP below. All you have to do now is visit them and complete the objective of this « Road Trip » mission.



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