dimanche, décembre 4

Fortnite season 10 Road Trip Challenge destroy stop signs with Catalyst outfit (where to find)


The show of new challenges for Fortnite season 10 is open. On the program for the launch of this new season, a Road Trip challenge that asks players to destroy stop signs by wearing the Catalyst outfit. You don’t really need a map to find these famous stop signs since there are some everywhere while walking around on the MAP. Nevertheless, a place is more suitable for the destruction of these signs. We tell you where to find stop signs easily on Fortnite’s MAP for Season 10.

Where can I find a lot of stop signs to destroy (challenge road trip) ?

It’s very simple, first get the battle pass if you haven’t already done so in order to get the new Catalyst outfit for season 10. When you buy the pass, you unlock this new outfit directly. Get it from your locker and start a match. All you have to do is head towards Pleasant Park where you will find stop signs on every street corner to destroy for this first Road Trip challenge. To validate the challenge, you simply have to destroy 10 of them and you can do it simply with your pickaxe.


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