Fortnite how to get a refund on a Skin purchase in the shop and get V-Bucks back


Recent updates to Fortnite have allowed Epic Games teams to add a feature long requested by players. You can now get your money back if you are not completely satisfied. So, if you buy an emote, skin or anything else that you really regret, you can ask for a refund and get V-Bucks back that you can use again in the shop to give you something else.

If you are not sure how Fortnite’s skins / cosmetics refund policy works, you will find everything you need to know here. The number of things you can get refunded, the time not to exceed for a refund in V-Bucks and the number of refunds allowed by Epic Games in Fortnite Battle Royale… And of course, know exactly how to get a refund for a skin bought in Fortnite !

How Fortnite’s refund system works :

First note that you can not get real money when you refund, you will get the equivalent of your money spent on V-Buks. Also note that you will only be allowed three refunds so choose carefully. Finally, your purchase must not exceed 30 days for you to benefit from Fortnite’s refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with your recent purchase (less than 30 days), and you plan to use your V-Bucks for another skin or for a future battle pass, here is what you must do.

→ 1. From the main menu of the game, choose the shop tab.

→ 2. Then choose the purchase history option to see all your skins / cosmetic items.

→ 3. Click on the skin or item you want to be refunded to see the amount you can recover.

What are the things you can’t and can get refunded in Fortnite :

Although refunds will allow you to return things that you badly regret buying, you should keep in mind that some things are excluded from refund, here is the list.

You cannot be returned for the following :

  • The battle pass cannot be refunded.
  • Battle pass tiers are excluded from the refund.
  • The Fortnite Starter Pack cannot be refunded.
  • The founder pack is not refundable.
  • Llamas loot in save the world cannot be refunded.
  • The event items save the world, same rate as the rest.

What you can get refunded in Fortnite :

  • Emotes can be refunded.
  • Gliders are eligible for a refund from Fortnite.
  • Collection Harvesting tools (pickaxes) are refundable in V-Bucks.
  • Back Bling accessories are included in the refund policy.
  • Outfits / Clothing can be refunded for V-Bucks.

You now know exactly how Fortnite’s refund policy works. You get the new free V-Bucks skins at no extra cost !


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