dimanche, décembre 4

Fornite season 8 – the glider / umbrella Palm Leaf as a reward for a victory royale (top 1)


Kick back and enjoy your victory in season 8… Here is the description of the glider/umbrella that you will unlock in case of a victory royale (top 1) in season 8 of Fortnite. As with every new season of Fortnite, you can unlock a special glider that looks like an umbrella…

For season 8, this umbrella takes the form of a « Palm Leaf » when you start descending from the battle bus… And just to get down with style, the Palm Leaf produces a little music when you deploy it. Remember that to unlock the glider / umbrella you must finish a match of the Battle Royale mode of season 8 with a victory royale, so be the top 1 of the match !


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