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When does Fortnite’s season 7 start ? Release date, season theme? What we know !


All Fortnite seasons have a period of 10 weeks, which means that the end of season 6 is fast approaching. Indeed, according to the schedule, season 6 of Fortnite should end at the beginning of December. Unless Epic Games teams decide to extend the season a little longer to allow latecomers to continue to unlock the last tiers of the battle pass.

What is the release date of season 7 of Fortnite :

Officially, the end of Season 6 is for December 5, 2018, which means that Season 7 should normally start on December 6, 2018, two days later. It should be noted that the beginning of the seasons only takes place on Tuesday and Thursday and that December 6 will therefore be a Thursday.

However, if the Epic Games teams decide to extend Season 6 by an additional week as explained above, then Season 7 will not start until December 13, 2018.

What is the theme of Fortnite’s Season 7 ?

For the moment, nothing is certain, but some data from the game may reveal that the theme of Fortnite’s Season 7 will be winter and festivities probably related to the Christmas and New Year holidays. More specifically, the game data revealed that a snowstorm is expected to occur very soon. 

The map should therefore be covered with snow (perhaps partially) throughout the 7th season. If we also look at the latest elements added to the game by the Epic Games teams, we can see that the characters’ breathing is now visible, which shows that the atmosphere is getting colder.

→ We should be fixed very soon on the future theme of season 7 of Fortnite ! 


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