Far Cry 5 secret ending – how to finish the game in just a few minutes and see the ending credits


You may not know it, but a secret scene from Far Cry 5 is available from the beginning of the adventure. Let us explain how you can see this hidden end ! If you start your adventure in Far Cry 5, a small Easter-Egg is hidden and allows you to finish the game in a few minutes without even going further than the prologue… So how does it work ? We will explain how you can finish Far Cry 5 in just a few minutes and see the credits at the end of the game.

Easter-Egg Far Cry 5 how to get the secret end of the prologue :

It’s very simple, at the beginning of the game, when you get off the helicopter to stop Father Joseph who is in the village church, you just have to wait when the man extends his hands for you to handcuff him. After a few minutes of waiting, the sheriff and your character will turn around, get out of the church and be the end of the game ! Yes, you’ll see the credits and all… Well done ! You just finished Far Cry 5 in just a few minutes.

The Easter-Egg is pretty fun, if you have a few minutes ahead and want to take a break from the real progression of the game, you can try to discover this secret end by yourself by replaying the beginning of the adventure. In the church, wait when Joseph extends his hands (don’t press any button) and observe the secret scene of Far Cry 5.


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