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Wiki Far Cry 5 how to play in co-op session with a friend in story or arcade mode


If you have just purchased Far Cry 5, you may be wondering how the multiplayer mode works in the game. It is possible to play with friends and strangers with different methods. The game includes a matchmaking system for the arcade mode, but not for the campaign mode… If you are lost, we explain everything here !

How to play co-op session in the story mode of Far Cry 5 :

There are several things to know about the game’s story mode. While walking around the Far Cry 5 grounds you will not meet other players, there is no matchmaking either which means you will not be able to play with strangers in the campaign. However, you can play the entire game with someone from your friend list whether you are a PC, PS4 or Xbox One player.

To play in co-op, the host of the game (the one who will host) must return to the main Far Cry 5 menu when leaving his current game and press the touchpad (if he play on PS4) or the view button (for Xbox One players). From there you can choose a player from your friend list and invite them to join your game. Note that you cannot play with more than two players in the story mode of Far Cry 5.

Another thing to know, the player who joins the game cannot unlock any trophies / achievements related to the story and will not progress on his own save. The guest will be on host save and only the host will be able to interact with NPCs, launch missions or recruit mercenaries. However, all progress on the guest character will be well preserved, which includes experience points, money, items and challenges completed.

How to play with other players in the arcade mode of Far Cry 5 :

For arcade mode, that’s another story. You can also play with your friends or with strangers thanks to the matchmaking tool. 6 players can take part in a game in arcade mode, if you do not have enough players in your session, just activate the matchmaking tool to search for players locally or around the world. That’s all you need to know about the online features of Far Cry 5 !


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