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Guide Pokemon Quest Tips and Hints to Become the Best Trainer of the Tumblecube island !


While waiting to get the new Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee games on Nintendo Switch, Game freak had the good idea to make players wait with a cute cubic version of the license available for free on Switch, Android and iOS. Entitled Pokemon Quest, this experience of a different kind immerses fans of the series in the heart of the Tumblecube island, a place where you can captures many creatures, builds a camp and sets out in search of treasures.

If you’re taking your first steps on Pokemon Quest’s Tumblecube island, you have a lot to learn about how the game works, its Pokemon and its all-cube universe. Here are some tips and tricks that will come in useful at one time or another when playing Pokemon Quest on your Nintendo Switch, Android device or iOS.

Tip 1 – You can rename your Pokemon :

You may not know this, and it’s something the game will never show you, but you can rename your Pokemon. Do you want to give your creatures special little names ? Nothing could be easier ! Open your team menu and select the Pokemon you want to name. Once on the creature’s page where you can equip it with Power Charms to reinforce its stats, click on its name at the top left of the screen and the game will offer you to rename the Pokemon. Pretty simple, isn’t it ? You still had to know !

Tip 2 – Watch your PM Tickets, they are precious !

You can collect PM Tickets in different ways by playing Pokemon Quest… And you’ll soon discover how precious they are ! it’s better to learn to save them and not use them faster than you get them even if the game gives you the impression of rewarding yourself with many PM Tickets by finishing primary and secondary quests… At some point, Pokemon Quest will try to take them back, a death ? It will cost you 10 PM to recover items lost along the way… A low battery ? It’s 25 PM Tickets to fill the energy !

We strongly advise you to keep them even when the game offers to use them. Indeed, by going in the game shop you will see that the PM Tickets can be used in a quite other way, in particular to extend your Pokemon box or your Stone Box in order to be able to store more creatures and Power Charm during the adventure. You will need 50 PM Tickets to increase the capacity of your boxes, it will be much more useful than a battery recharge !

Note that every day, you can get 50 PM Tickets for free by opening the game shop… Think about it !

Tip 3 – Take control of your Pokemon, direct them during expeditions :

Pretty fun for a game where the moves are done automatically ? Yet Pokemon Quest is a game that offers far more depth than you think. In addition to asking them to make special attacks, you can tell your Pokemon to run away when things go wrong or to avoid a big attack. There is an icon on the screen to tell the Pokemon to scatter and move away. 

Always remember to use this feature, it will allow you to avoid powerful attacks and even win a game where your power was less than that of the expeditions. Because yes, by properly taking control of your Pokemon you can set up strategies, this applies to the type of your Pokemon, its type of attack and its placement in battle. By choosing the right action at the right time, by bringing the right Pokemon to the field you can take advantage in expeditions at LvL far superior to yours.

Tip 4 – Decode the type of your Power Charm they are not all worth !

As you progress through Pokemon Quest quests, you’ll get Power Charms in different colors, shapes and types. Make sure you choose the right Power Charm for your Pokemon. Grey does not offer any special bonuses while bronze and gold Power Charm will offer additional effects that will add to your Pokemon stats. 

You will thus be able to obtain on gems of powers or supports bonuses like a faster resuscitation rate, an increased speed of movement and various other effects which will be beneficial to your creatures. By aligning three Power Charms horizontally or vertically on your Pokemon, you can activate a Bingo bonus that will significantly increase the power of your creatures. You can get up to three Bingo bonuses by aligning your Power Charms.

Tip 5 – Three Pokemon in battle does not mean one team :

If you want to progress and discover all the places on Pokemon Quest’s Tumblecube island you’ll need to gather powerful Pokemon. You can take three on quests, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just three creatures. Collect Pokemon and build multiple teams by favoring different types of items to be more effective during quests. 

Your overall power level isn’t everything, the type of Pokemon you’re going to fight is just as important. the Game Freak series got us used to the simple rule of  » this element is more powerful than this one «  and well that also applies in Pokemon Quest. Even if the game doesn’t tell you openly, the « it’s very effective » or « it’s not very effective » move applies to the game.

If you find that a world is too hard with a power level more than correct, it is certainly because your team does not match the type of element of the world you are trying to finish. All expeditions in the game have a typical bonus, check it and make sure your team is made up of the right type to take advantage of the bonus and make the mission easier – this is the secret to Pokemon Quest’s success.

Tip 6 – Experience cooking recipes to capture pokemon :

Pokemon likes a specific type of food and that’s good, because in Pokemon Quest you can cook. And cooking is very important in this game, you have a cauldron at your campsite where you can place different food / ingredients to attract wild Pokemon. This is how you can increase the number of Pokemon in your team and capture them. There are several types of cauldrons, you will unlock them during your adventure, they will allow you to attract more and more powerful Pokemon, even unique by placing the good ingredients in the cauldron. The game has several recipes, it’s up to you to experiment several things to find the right recipes from Pokemon Quest.

Note that in addition to capturing Pokemon with the cauldron, you can also get a new Pokemon every day that will automatically go to your base (reset every 22h). The system is random and based on the creatures you have been fighting during quests !

Tip 7 – Decorate your base it’s not only there to look pretty !

In Pokemon Quest you can decorate your base with totems, flags, arches and more. Be aware that these decorations are not only there to make your base more enjoyable to browse, each of the game’s decorations offers its own advantages. Take a tour in the game shop you can use your PM Tickets to get several decorations. 

There is for example the Mewtwo arch which increases the capacity of the battery by +1 or the Pikachu Surfboard which offers an additional chance to attract several Pokemon at once by cooking a dish with the cauldron.


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