jeudi, décembre 8

Dauntless the servers are full why a waiting queue so long


If you have recently discovered Dauntless, you must have the bad experience of being constantly queued up every time you try to connect to the game… And for good reason, since its launch on May 21, this Monster Hunter like has already welcomed no less than 6 million players ready to brawl with the monsters that roam the shattered isles.

While this figure may seem impressive, it may not be the real cause of this waiting time before joining the game’s servers. The development teams have posted a post for the « Slayers » that says they have activated the queue on the servers while they continue their work to ensure Dauntless’s stability. Things should stabilize over time, but as long as the developers don’t cut off this queuing system, you’ll have to be patient to hope to join Dauntless’s servers.


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