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Guide Dauntless orbs how to get them and what they are for


As you progress through Dauntless’s quests, you will win different orbs. Take a look at the rewards when you accept a quest from a Ramsgate merchant to find out what kind of orbs you will get in return… There are many types, neutral, blaze, frost, etc.

These orbs are essential if you want to improve your weapons and armor with merchants in the city. The type of orb needed to relate to the weapon element or armor pieces you have equipped for your character. Thus, fire equipment will require blaze orbs to be improved.

Quests are not the only ones that allow you to get different orbs in Dauntless. You can get it by hunting behemoths on the shattered islands. A neutral hunt will allow you to obtain neutral orbs, blaze behemoths will give you blase orbs, and others…

  • Neutral orb obtained in the hunt for neutral Behemoths.
  • Blaze orb obtained in the hunt of blaze Behemoths.
  • Frost orb obtained in the hunt for frost Behemoths.
  • Shock orb obtained in the hunt for shock Behemoths.
  • Terra orb obtained in the hunt of terra Behemoths.

Tip – You will get it mainly by destroying parts of the Behemoths you hunt and chase.

At a certain stage in the game, you will unlock a new type of quest on the ravaged islands. You will be able to go on patrol, which will allow you to obtain daily rewards and these patrol bonuses will allow you to collect many orbs. Look at the type of daily reward before launching a patrol to find out what type of orbs you will get.


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