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Guide Dauntless what is the percentage at the top of the screen used for ? Explanation of the danger!


With Dauntless, the developers imagined a danger system. If in the first hours of play and the first stalks this feature doesn’t matter, the further you go in the adventure the more it will become necessary for you to keep an eye on the percentage shown at the top right of your screen… You see this triangle with a percentage when you are hunting a behemoth? Well, know that this triangle is very important in Dauntless, that it is not only there to look pretty and that it will lead you and your team of slayers inexorably to defeat if you don’t pay attention to it a minimum ! 

Fortunately for you, we are here to explain how it works. Why is the percentage increasing, how do we get it down? As you continue reading, you will know everything there is to know about Dauntless’s danger system.

What is the purpose of the color triangle and the percentage in Dauntless ?

What you need to know is that it is in your best interest to keep it as low as possible in its percentage. When it’s low, it’s OK, when it’s high, the danger becomes maximum. An increasing percentage means that you and your team have made many mistakes… And believe us, if that happens, it smells very bad for you and the probability that you will be able to complete your current hunt… Explanation!

The longer the quest takes, the higher the percentage of danger increases even when you waste your time picking flowers or undermining resources on deposits. But the worst is yet to come….

  • When you are in battle against a Behemoth, the percentage increases.
  • When you fall to the ground and faint (the little red cross), the percentage increases.
  • When you leave a slayer on the ground in agony, it’s worse than anything else and the percentage will skyrocket.

Ensure that you maintain an acceptable level of danger during a hunt to avoid disaster. Avoid having your teammates faint on the ground at all costs, and that goes for you too.

What happens if the level of danger reaches 100% ?

That’s when the trouble starts… if the counter at the top of the screen reaches 100% then you’re no longer able to revive the members of your group who have vanished on the ground… In addition, you’ll face an overboosted, violent and very angry behemoth. Indeed, the higher the level of danger, the stronger the monster you are hunting becomes. Staying too long in an environment full of Aether makes the pressure rise…! But don’t worry, a 100% level of danger is not definitive, you can reverse the trend.

How to reduce the level of danger (100%) in Dauntless?

You have the opportunity to reduce the level of danger. To do this, the last participants still standing must succeed in weakening Behemoth or succeed in destroying it for good. If Behemoth flees, do not forget to quickly relieve your comrades who failed in battle before the level of danger soars. You now know what the small percentage at the top of your screen is for and how it works!


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