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Guide Pokemon Go how to add friends and increase your friendship level


Here we are, Pokemon Go, the social game from Niantic Labs X Nintendo finally has its « Friends » function, so much in demand by players all over the world and which should have been born several months ago. The wait is now over, the game integrates a whole mechanism to add friends, remove them from the list and even allows players to push interaction even further with a « friendship levels ».

It’s time for us to explain all this, how it works, with answers to style questions, how to add a friend to Pokemon Go, how to remove a friend from the list and we’ll even offer you explanations about the features of the famous friend level.

How to add or remove a friend in Pokemon Go :

Nintendo players in general will not be confused by the system since it is not unlike the Japanese giant’s game consoles. Indeed, by playing Pokemon Go, you will have your own friend code to share with your friends or other players who like you play Pokemon GO.

→ How to add a friend to Pokemon Go :

  • From the game map, open your Pokemon trainer profile
  • Click on the Friends tab at the top of your screen
  • Press the button to add a friend
  • All you have to do is enter the 12 character Pokemon Go trainer code you want to add !

Note that your Pokemon Go profile allows you to view your own 12-character Pokemon trainer code to share with other players. If you do not like your trainer code, you can change it by pressing the refresh button. You will receive a new friend code.

Note also that you can add up to 200 friends to your Pokemon Go list. If you exceed this limit, you just have to remove those who are not really your friends… Well, you understand the trick…! Similarly, when you send an invitation, the person has 7 days to add you to his friends list otherwise the request will be cancelled / deleted and it is the same for you if you receive invitations.

→ The manipulation to remove a friend in Pokemon Go : 

If a player has made you a mess, is not really your friend or your list is far too full to add others, you can of course remove players from your list at any time.

  • From the game map, open your Pokemon trainer profile 
  • Open the « Friends » and « Friends List » tab at the top of the screen
  • Choose the friend to ban forever.At the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom of the trainer profile, press « remove this friend ».

Of course, if you remove players with whom you have increased your friendship level, it will be lost ! At least, the guys at Niantic Labs are pretty nice in offering to back off if you ever regret your choice and want to keep your level of friendship. But be careful, only for a limited time !

How the friendship levels in Pokemon Go works and what it’s for :

The friendship level will allow you to unlock certain features of the game and will offer certain privileges to you and your friend(s).There are 5 levels of friendship to know, friends, good friends, great friends, excellent friends and best friends.The more you participate in daily activities, the more your level of friendship will increase. Here’s how to increase the level of friendship and rewards. 

Level of Friendship Requirement Rewards / Friendship Bonus
Friend (0 heart) Simply add a player to your list to become friends This allows you to exchange Pokemon among yourself, those you have registered in your Pokedex (be careful except for Mythical Pokemon). 
Good friend (1 heart) You must play with your friend at least 1 day By becoming a good friend with someone, you will have access to Pokemon Go’s special exchanges (special trades unlocked).
Great friend (2 hearts) You must play together for at least 7 days, You get a small reduction for the stardust trading, you get an extra Premier Ball in raids by playing with your friends and you get a small attack bonus by fighting alongside your friends.
Ultra friend (3 hearts) You must play at least 30 days together, offers a better reduction in the number of Stardust used for the trading, you win 2 extra Premier Balls by participating in a raid with a friend and you win an average attack bonus by fighting together.
Best friend (4 hearts) You must play at least 90 days to become best friends, you will have a significant reduction in the number of stardust to make Pokemon trades, you will win an additional 4 extra Premier Balls by participating in a raid with your friend and you win an important attack buff by fighting together.

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