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Guide Metal Gear Survive How to Get and Farm Potatoes


In Metal Gear Survive, you will always need to have regular control over your hunger and thirst. The problem is that food and water are really rare things in the Metal Gear Survive world… To survive, you’ll always have to make sure you have food with you and even water to prevent your life points from flying off and your character from collapsing on the ground.

On this page you can find out how to get potatoes and farm them. In order to grow vegetables or fruit in Metal Gear Survive, you will need to have already made good progress in the game’s main story and have reached Chapter 5 or you will need to rescue a nurse. This will allow you to unlock the trophy / success / achievement: »The nurse – a nurse has joined your ranks ».

Where the potatoes are in Metal Gear Survive :

To obtain potatoes, pass through the number 3 wormhole. Go down the hill and go to the camp where you will find a fridge in the middle of the area. Inside this fridge you will find potatoes ! Enough to make two potatoes plantations in your camp.

Metal Gear Survive – How to grow potatoes :

Once in your base, use the construction terminal to create one or two potatoes plantations. In the immediate future, your potatoes will take about 2 to 4 hours to harvest. Note that with the right staff, you can reduce this waiting time for your potatoes to be harvested and get food faster.


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