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Guide Octopath Traveler Location Of All shrine And Classes / Secondary Jobs


When you have finished the first 8 chapters of Octopath Traveler (chapter 1 of each character) and your heroes are at least between level 20 and 25, you will be able to search for secondary classes / jobs in the game. Your characters can all be equipped with a job or a secondary class, which has the effect of increasing their statistics, offering them new skills and thus making them more powerful while opening up new perspectives in battle. 

If you start Chapter 2 for your 8 characters, we strongly advise you to take a alternative route to look for the 8 secondary classes / jobs of the game. We will show you through this page the position of all the shrine that will allow you to make more powerful than ever your Octopath Traveler characters.

Where all Octopath Traveler secondary classes / jobs are located :

The continent of Orsterra shelters 8 shrine, 8 hidden places which take the form of caverns on the ground and which allow the characters to be equipped with a second job class. You will find below the complete list of Octopath Traveler shrine.

→ Location of the shrine of the Prince of Thieves (secondary class of thief) :

You will find the shrine of the Prince of Thieves in the clifflands area at North Quarrycrest Pass. This shrine will allow you to get the secondary job « thief » which is Therion’s main class in Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine of the sage (secondary job of the scholar) :

You can enter the shrine of the scholarly king by going to the flatlands area on the western Noblecourt Flats. As you approach the shrine altar, you will get the scholar secondary class/job that is Cyrus’ main job in Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine of the ThunderBlade (Secondary Warrior job) :

The shrine which shelters the secondary job of the warrior awaits you in the highlands of Orsterra at the north Stonegard Pass. Touch the central altar and you will get the warrior’s job which is Olberic’s main class in Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine Trader (Merchant Secondary job) :

Along the coastlands on the Moonstruck Coast awaits you another shrine, the shrine of the Trader which houses the merchant’s secondary class on its altar which is normally awarded as the main class to Tressa the merchant of Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine of the huntress (hunter’s secondary job) :

In the woodlands area of Orsterra to the east victors hollow trail you will find a cave where hides the shrine of the huntress. By touching the altar you will get the secondary class of the hunter who normally belongs to Octopath Traveler’s H’aanit character.


→ Location of the shrine of the Flamebearer (secondary job of the Cleric) :

To the north of Orsterra in the Frostlands region, you will find the shrine of the Flamebearer at the western Stillsnow Wilds. The altar in the cave will allow you to recover the Cleric job that is normally attributed to Ophilia in Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine of the Healer (apothecary secondary job) :

In the Riverlands area East Saintsbridge traverse, you will find a cave that houses the shrine of the healer. The altar of this temple will reward you with the secondary job of the apothecary who is normally dedicated to the hero Alfyn of Octopath Traveler.


→ Location of the shrine of the Lady of Grace (secondary dancer class) :

In the desert part of Orsterra on the Sunlands you will find in the northern Wellspring Sands the shrine of the Lady of Grace, where you will find an altar that will allow you to get the dancer’s job. A class normally reserved for the Primrose dancer in Octopath Traveler.



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