No Man’s Sky Beyond now cross-play between PC and consoles players ?


With No Man’s Sky Beyond, players can be sure to enjoy real multiplayer features. In the new social space called the « Nexus », budding explorers can meet to plan expeditions… No less than 32 PC players and 16 console players can assemble in the same place.

Explore, cooperate, build foundations, talk with others, all new possibilities that will make Hello Games even better. Except that one question is still pending for some people….

☆ Note – If you still have questions about No Man’s Sky Beyond such as new features, content, release date and more, you will get a big overview here : No Man’s Sky Beyond (2.0) what’s new content in the game ? What you need to know.

No Man’s Sky Beyond a cross-play function (cross-platform) ?

With the trend towards cross-play games, you can legitimately ask yourself whether No Man’s Sky Beyond allows PC, PS4 or Xbox One players to play together on the same servers. The answer is known and will certainly disappoint you if you play on another gaming platform than a friend of yours. 

No, despite its new online features, No Man’s Sky Beyond will not allow PC and console players to get together with the famous cross-play. But given the evolution of « No Man’s Sky » in three years, we can hope that Hello Games teams will be able to offer this type of feature in the near future. For the time being, PS4 players will play with the same group of players, as well as Xbox users, just as PC players will only have to play with each other.


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